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Welcome to Pro-Fitness Academy, where we offer a range of accredited academic and vocational courses.

The Pro-Fitness Academy Team

Pro-Fitness Academy was launched in 2018 by professional Master Trainer Andy Smith. As a recruiter of Personal Trainers for an internationally renowned gym he recognised an absolute need for raising applicant standards.

Quality Personal Trainers do far more than provide fitness exercises. They inspire, motivate, listen, guide and support their clients to reach goals that can truly transform lives.

Andy chose to partner up with world renowned vocational and technical qualifications provider VTCT which has more than 2,000 approved centres  worldwide and been awarding since 1962.

As an officially approved centre Pro-Fitness Academy benefits from VTCT’s acquisition of education technology specialists Digital Assess providing technology that can digitally capture and assess learners online amongst other innovations.

Andy Smith

Pro-Fitness Academy Founder/CEO

Graduate, Teacher, Assessor and founder of Pro-Fitness Academy,  Andy is an expert in the fitness industry, with huge experience as a top Personal Trainer, strength and conditioning coach, fitness model and professional athlete.

Having trained a diversity of different clients and worked with an array of different industry experts he has used his knowledge and experience to design bespoke programmes and courses. He founded Pro-Fitness Academy in 2018 in order to assist in the raising of the status of Personal Trainers to be what they really ALL should be – PROFESSIONAL.

Andy also founded Pro-fitness in the community which is the companies community branch working with the government and local communities to bring; education, food and fitness to areas in need of support.

In 2020 he started his latest project which was the development of EcoX a line of eco friendly gyms and fitness equipment which harnesses the power of human movement in exercise to convert it into recycled energy, in turn minimises carbon footprint and electricity bills.

Serena Smith

Head of Examinations

Serena has worked in education for forty years as a teacher, lecturer, and head of faculty and been a Level 3 A Level and BTEC examiner and internal verifier for Pearson for twenty years. Serena graduated from Sussex University with a BA Hons in English and a PGCE. She has worked in FE and the HM Prison Education Service delivering vocational courses and assisting young people in developing their career pathways. She has joined Andy to bring educational and academic industry expertise.

Pro-Fitness Academy employs only the best and appropriately PROFESSIONALLY qualified Trainers, Assessors, IQA’s and is in compliance with and verified as a professional provider by VTCT.


Chris Henry

Head of Communications

Ten years of teaching Experience at GCSE and A Level standard in a Sussex comprehensive school, Chris became Feature Writer and Editor for a number of top national magazines and newspapers. He specialised in lifestyle, sport, health and fitness for publications such as The Sunday Times and Men’s Health Magazine. Since 2015 Chris has been involved in politics at a local and national level where he focusses on community issues. Chris joined Pro-Fitness in 2019 and brings his breadth of communications experience to the team.

Elaine Builth

Head of assessments

Having worked in the fitness industry almost 30 years Elaine brings a wealth of experience to the team; fitness instructor, personal trainer and sports therapist Elaine brings her depth of industry practice into the teaching and assessing of pro-fitness qualifications making sure all students meet the requirements of an industry professional.

from the film 'Gaia' poses for a portrait during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival at The Sutton Place Hotel on September 14, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.

Damon Randall


Damon is employed to manage the overall tech roadmap. Design, build and deploy the online presence of Pro-Fitness Academy. 

Join the team, become a PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL TRAINER with Pro-Fitness Academy

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